Top 3 Cryptocurrencies

There are many cryptocurrencies are available in the market or web. According to web research, the top 3 cryptocurrencies are given below which are more famous and used by the people as compared to others. Are you interested in research about other cryptocurrencies? Let’s start!!!


As per the web research, Bitcoin is a trending cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency created or developed by the Japanese programmer in 2009. According to market research, bitcoin is at the top position now. Bitcoin is the very popular currency nowadays bitcoin transactions are allowed in Canada, Japan, other countries of Europe, etc. Most people familiar with the bitcoin currency and it is very easily available everywhere. Bitcoin has been known by many to be the most famous localized cryptocurrency.


According to the market research, Ethereum is at 2nd position now. Bitcoin is known as the “digital gold” then Ethereum is known as the “digital silver”.  It was started on 30 July 2016. By using the “smart contract” technology Ethereum uses to create currency as well as decentralized application. The decentralized application attracts large technology players.


XRP is a different kind of Cryptocurrency. According to the market research, XRP is at the 3rd position now. It is used as a tool for converting any currency into another currency. An internal coin is known as “XRP”. Without a central exchange, it changes one currency into another. For changing the currencies in this ripple system there is no extra charge. It stored all the transaction data in the wallet. It secures the data and hides the data from the third party. Directly it is not possible to mine XRP, so you can achieve this in two ways- by interchanging or you can take part in the calculations process.

In conclusion, it would be right to say that bitcoin is different from all the cryptocurrencies.  It is very famous and easy to use. The wallet of cryptocurrency is not connected with the bank account. It is based on the end-to-end network which is very safe and secure for you.